50 Shades of Franzen

Cupping one hand for a receptacle, she brushed bits of olive from his knees and thighs. —bee-stung lips, high round breasts, narrow hips… Then she moved to New York and embarked on the long process of sleeping with every dishonest, casually sadistic, terminally uncommitted really gorgeous guy in the borough of Manhattan. Gitanas crossed his […]

Out Now: Make Me Beg for It

Out now: my collection of four sexy romance stories (about 20-25K words altogether). There’s a real variety here: modern and medieval, magical and realistic. Here’s the introduction to give you a bit of an idea of the genesis of this collection. For the buccaneers (but only the fictional ones) – Once upon a time there […]

Come See Me Talk at NUIG!

I have been invited by one of my colleagues to speak during Shag Week at the National University of Ireland Galway. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a week devoted to promoting good sexual health and guidance for students. While “sexual awareness” weeks on American campuses seem to be all about DANGER! Shag Week […]

Man City with Tirgearr

I am very pleased to say I’ve just sent back the signed contract for my ménage story Man City with Tirgearr Publishing here in Ireland. They’re a new publishing house who will be launching this spring, so I’m excited to be among the folks they’re hand-picking to make a splash in the field of romance. While […]

Happy Hogmanay!

Happy New Year! If you’re in Scotland, you would be celebrating Hogmanay and first-footing — the first person to cross your threshold in the new year will determine the luck of the year. A tall dark man seems to be the best omen! 😉 Imagine that. It’s especially so if he brings salt, coal, whisky […]