Review: Spinning Gold

Elisabeth B. over at Bitten by Books has reviewed Spinning Gold, my Noble Romance Naughty Nibble, and had some good things to say about it: “Spinning Gold” was an amusing take on the old Rumpelstiltskin tale where a young maiden is doomed to try and spin straw into gold – only this time around, that […]

Three Cherries!

Over at Whipped Cream there’s a very nice (and favourable!) review of Chastity Flame. Reviewer Carnation ended her review with: Chastity Flame is full of sexual tension, and has a twist that I honestly was not expecting. The adventures in the storyline kept me coming back to read more, and I was quite satisfied with […]

Reviewed: Spinning Gold

Check out the fabulous review by Eliza Rolle for my Noble Romance Naughty Nibble, “Spinning Gold”. Here’s a snippet: This is only a short story, less than 25 pages, and obviously it can’t be so much developed, but nevertheless it’s a nice tale. Here obviously it can’t be arisen the old question of the chick […]

Reviewed by Manic Readers

Over at the Manic Readers blog, there’s a review of the anthology MEN IN SHORTS by Stephanie Wilson, who not only gives a fine review to the collection, but also comments on individual stories. Of my story “Ranger Danger” she says: Christine is on a trip with the Junior League to a nature conservatory. Ranger […]