Publication: “Corrections”

My latest publication is out! It’s the short story ‘Corrections’ which follows a young man with a crush on his boss — and the surprising way his boss reflects his interest. You’ll find it in the Xcite Books collection Six of the Best, which is so wonderfully titled. Many of you know my obsession with Peter Cook, but did you know that “Six of the Best” is the title of a routine he did with Dudley Moore on their brilliant show Not Only But Also [if you want to know everything about Peter Cook — and you should — be sure to pick up a copy of the stellar compendium How Very Interesting!: Peter Cook’s Universe and All That Surrounds It]. In a similar vein, all the names for this story were drawn from an issue of The Kettering Magazine, that minutely knowledgeable publication on elderly British comedy (ach, there I go — giving away all my secrets!). Here’s a teaser:

Simon had worked for Dr. Kettering for six months and he still couldn’t quite figure her out. It wasn’t that she was cold or withdrawn; quite the opposite, in fact. She was also gorgeous, tall with curly auburn hair and striking green eyes. Every move had grace and poise, even if she was a trifle distant. Safely at home, he had fantasies of her exposing a vulnerability to him. But he couldn’t have been more surprised on that rainy Friday afternoon when she asked, “Can I share a secret with you, Simon?” because her fantasy, was also his…

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