12 Hot Days of Xmas can be Yours!

You know you need it: The_12_Hot_Dayssomething to keep you busy while the family argues or the endless holiday specials repeat and you don’t want to see another jolly elf and you’ve had too much egg nog anyway —

Yes, it’s time to take a break and read something fun for yourself. And hot — very very hot!

I’m not sure you can get this collection anymore — I know I’ve tried to get the rights back to my mènage story ‘Twelve Drummers Drumming’ but things seem a little complicated at the publisher at present.

So here’s the deal: comment with your email address (in safe, non-harvestable format, e.g. ‘myname at the gmail’ sort of thing) and you will be entered to win a PDF copy. Why PDF? That’s all I’ve got, alas. You can add PDFs to your Kindle, you know (don’t you? Email the PDF to your Kindle address, make sure you’ve added your own email as an approved sender to the Kindle), and of course you can read PDFs on your phone or computer, too.

Easy peasy!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll give away more than one. 😉 To get your motor racing, here’s a snippet:

“Hey, before you put that last one away, can you show me how you play it, I mean—”  Oh boy, did that sound stupid.  How do you play?  Hit drum with stick!

But Nico sensed she meant more.  “You want to feel what it’s like to play one? Sure!  C’mere.”  Nico held the drum before him and looped a sort of strap around her shoulders.  The big drum rested against her hips.  Gabriele ran her hands around the edges, feeling the tautness of the head.

“Ready?” Nico said as he picked up a pair of sticks.  When she nodded, he brought them down striking a glancing blow upon the drumhead in a quick repeating triplet pattern.  Gabriele could feel the strikes echo through the drum and pulsate through her body.  She closed her eyes to revel in the sensation.  When Nico stopped after a long drum roll, she was disappointed, but she could tell that her skin was rosy with suppressed excitement.  It felt so good!

“Hey, I gotta get going,” Jonathan offered after an awkward moment of silence as Nico’s gaze took in the pink flush of her skin.  She was afraid Jonathan saw it too, as he looked a little embarrassed as well, hiding a quick grin with a cough.  He grabbed his big black bag and swung it over his shoulder.

“That’s all right,” Nico said quickly.  “I’ll take care of the rest.”  Jonathan waved as he left the room, but neither of them noticed.  “Shall I play a little more?” Nico asked her with a wicked grin.

“Yes, please,” Gabriele answered, her voice an octave lower than usual, conscious of the weight of the drum, the pull of the harness over her shoulder and its pressure on her tender nipple.

Nico looked right into her eyes as he began to play on the drum.  At first the rhythm was simple and slow.  In her head it sounded like “one potato, two potato,” but the thump of the drum at her hips vibrated through her whole body.  Nico’s drumming picked up speed and each blow pounded her flesh as much as the head of the drum.  Without realizing it, Gabriele began to rock to the beat, enjoying the thrumming repeated by each nerve in her body.

“I didn’t know you dug the rhythm so much, honey,” Nico said, his eyes bright with excitement.

“Neither did I,” Gabriele admitted.  “Show me more.”

6 thoughts on “12 Hot Days of Xmas can be Yours!

  1. I bet Nico is talented with all types of rhythm. This excerpt has me wanting to know more!

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